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With MEDICAL PROFILE SYSTEM, take your medical care to the next level! link the doctor, pationt, and the medical facility in one simple App. Medical Profile App is managed and owned by DR. CARE FOR TRADING IN ALL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES.


* Requires iOS 7.0 or higher

Your medical file always with you

Medical Profile is the perfect too to allow you to view your medical profile any time. You can access your latest treatments, medication, medical devices, and appointments in one app.

Furthermore, you can request and apply for maintenance appointments for your devices and place a pickup request only with a click of a button!

Keep Track of your Medical Equipment

With Medical Profile App keep track of all your medical equipment and report any dis function of issues it may have and report it directly through your app.


More Features
  • Update the status of your medical device.
  • Keep track of your appointments.
  • Educate yourself of the device and usage through a library at your disposal

Some of Our App Screens

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Track all your family members medical files in one place

You can check your family members and love ones medical files to keep an eye for any treatments or appointments required


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